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Alders Farm Specimen Lake - Oak Lake

Oak lake. This really is a lake that is untapped in its potential simply that is that it hasn’t been used solely for specimen hunting for the last 5 years. In mid February 2015 this beautiful lake was netted and the vast shoals of Rudd, Skimmers, and smaller carp have been removed. There is now solely 10lb+ carp living here waiting for you to hunt them down!

Check Out the Oak Gallery

Give us a call for the availability of the lake - you will love it. Oak lake is around three and a half acres in size and boasts a couple of small islands that are obvious features.

A 7:30am till dusk ticket on this lake is £16, and night fishing is available on a members only basis and costs are as follows:

Night Fishing Membership

(Guest Passes must be used only when fishing with a member and
photo ID of guest will be required)

The membership is limited to 50 anglers per year on first come first served waiting list basis, with existing members having priority on renewal each year. We will run the year in line with the EA Rod licence and renewal is 1st April each year

  • 1 years Membership £100.00
  • Night Fishing (24hour ticket) £20
  • Guests Night Ticket £30
  • Members receive a reduced day ticket £12

Download Night Fishing Membership Application Form Here (right click & save linked file)

Please see our full rules here, but here’s some specific to Oak Night Fishing

Night Fishing Rules

  • Only One Guest Per Member, Per Night
  • Guests must be Accompanied by a member Photo ID will be required for all Night Fishing Guests
  • Night Fishing ticket is for 24hrs from 7:30am
  • No Admittance after 7pm
  • You must book your peg in advance by phone or email
  • You must be over 18 to Night Fish
  • No alcohol or drugs
  • No coming & going during the night is allowed, if you leave there is no re-admittance
  • Anyone disturbing the peace will be asked to leave and membership revoked Night fishing is at your own risk
  • No fires or BBQ’s – stoves allowed at your own risk
  • No one is to enter the water under any circumstances, if you need help please ask
  • No removal of fish
  • You must have a large padded unhooking mat or a cradle and a carp care kit
  • No keep nets


All rules are designed with the welfare of the fish and the water quality in mind, and we want to keep the fishery and its surroundings at its best, so please try to stick to them. If you are found breaking these rules you may be asked to leave the fishery.


Oak - Gallery

We hope to see you at Alders Farm Fishery Soon