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Alders Farm Shop

Alders Farm Tackle Shop

We have a well-stocked on-site tackle shop selling a large range of fishing tackle and baits for your visit to Alders Farm Fishery. So if you need to top up with your favourite hook pattern, get some new floats, or even buy a new rod or reel, you'll find what you need in our on-site Tackle Shop.

We are always competitive and can order specialist items in within a couple of days so give us a call with an enquiry and give the shop a visit on your next trip to Alders Farm Fishery.

We have had enquiries about our prices for Live baits Prices are as Follows
  • Maggot £2.50 per pint
  • Alders Farm Pellet £2.50 1kg (This is the only Feed Pellet allowed on the Fishery)
  • Hemp (Oak Lake -Specimen- Only £9.99 per 1.25L tin
  • Boilies from £9.99 per Kilo

The following need to be ordered in advance ( 1 Week)

  • Worms per Kilo £17.00
  • Worms Large Tub £3.50
  • Worm Small Pots £1.50
  • Casters £2.75 per pint

Alders Farm Shop