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Matchman Final - Ash

Mon 29 August 2016

Today the qualifying 15 strong anglers battled it out to become Alders Farm Fishery’s First Matchman. Hugh Crawford was well in the lead for weeks, so took the prize for top of the board and got to pick the lake and pegs.

Ash it was, with quite evenly spaced places, but not everyone had the day they’d hoped for. It didn’t fish as predicted for some and worked like a dream for others, but that’s the name of the game.

The Top Three each took a share of the £900 prize pot and as you can see from the full results below it was a well fought battle to the end. Well done Colin (Fozzy) for taking the title!

1st Colin Fozdyke 286lb 00oz Peg 1
2nd Hugh Crawford 270lb 6oz Peg 29
3rd Colin Spencer 258lb 6oz Peg 15
4th Terry Lancaster 242lb 01oz Peg 27
5th Del Smith 232lb 03oz Peg 21
6th Simon Japes 210lb 06oz Peg 6
7th Lee Newson 207lb 07oz Peg 2
8th Graham West 205lb 13oz Peg 19
9th Gary Thorpe 199lb 15oz Peg 30
10th Jim Stubbings 196lb 04oz Peg 4
11th Neil Hutchings 187lb 11oz Peg 8
12th Pete Archer 187lb 04oz Peg 25
13th Nick Pringle 168lb 08oz Peg 23
14th Trevor Price 163lb 06oz Peg 28
15th MADD 118lb 11oz Peg 17

Our next Matchman will start tomorrow, there will be a few rules tweaked and added and we will fill you in ASAP, all to benefit those that take part.

Tight Lines


Sunday Open

Sun 21 August 2016

Sunday’s Open results, this weather’s bringing the weights up and the Matchman final on bank holiday Monday will be a big payout! Sunday is the last Matchman eligible match so get your names down now!

1st – Colin Forsdyke p25 324lb 07oz
2nd – Charlie Lancaster p2 277lb 11oz
3rd – Derek Smith p30 273lb 01oz
4th – Andre VanArdt p27 237lb 13oz
5th – Simon Japes p19 235lb 09oz


Cheap Tuesday - Matchman Update

Tue 16 August 2016

Cheap Tuesday saw more great weights and a game changer in our Matchman… Only 4 more matches are available to get your points, Sat 20th & Sunday 21st, Tuesday 23rd & Sunday 28th with the FINAL on Bank Hol Monday 29th August.

Phone now to book on them as high demand is anticipated!

Tuesday top 5

1 – Charlie Lancaster peg10 329lb4oz
2 – Matt Kearns peg6 225lb6oz
3 – Tony Kaye peg2 207lb12oz
4 – Neil Hutchins peg14 190lb7oz
4 – Tony peg8 139lb9oz

(Matchman Latest table Left, Click on Image for Full Size)


Cheap Tuesday

Tue 09 August 2016

Cheap Tuesday’s Open saw lovely weather and big weights! Birthday Del Boy won it and doubled up on the Matchman so scored the full 20 points!

See the top 5 below and the Matchman leaderboard. The final is just weeks away!

1st Derek Smith peg22 250lb8oz
2nd Terry Lancaster peg25 164lb11oz
3rd Keith Ashby peg16 145lb9oz
4th Charlie Lancaster peg12 144lb15oz
5th Neil Hutchins peg10 129oz3oz


Sunday Open - Ash

Sun 24 July 2016

A highly competitive Open match was had today on Ash, with the top 7 all weighing in over 200lb! Del Boy came out on top, he fished fishery pellet and corn with the Marukyu Scopex flavouring. Results as follows;

1st Derrick Smith 274lb 09oz – Peg 4
2nd Colin Fossddyke 259lb 01oz – Peg 1
3rd Hugh Crawford 253lb 03oz – Peg 23
4th Neil Hutching 214lb 10oz – Peg 19
5th Terry Lancaster 210lb 03oz – Peg 8
6th Richard Brain 209lb 05oz – Peg 27
7th Ricky Quick 208lb 10oz – Peg 28

18 Fished


Cheap Tuesday's Results

Tue 12 July 2016

Cheap Tuesday’s Results, it was surprisingly hot and good weights were had by all, here’s the top 5…

1 – Pete Archer, peg 7, 199lb 10oz
2 – Lee Newson, peg 6, 181lb 15oz
3 – Charlie Lancaster, peg 5, 167lb 2oz
4 – Lee Wilson, peg 4, 79lb 14oz
5 – Gary Bullock, peg 2, 75lb 9oz

image of Richard Webb on Oak, the speci lake, last week with a lovely 31lb 2oz common!


May Day Bank Holiday Monday

Mon 02 May 2016

Today’s Bank Holiday Open saw some big weights for such a windy and changeable weather day! Thanks to all that came along.

1st Simon H, peg 20 179lb 01oz
2nd Pete Archer, peg 18 172lb 09oz
3rd Tony C, peg 4 159lb 01oz


Marukyu Spring League

Sun 01 May 2016

Today saw the final round of the Marukyu Spring league at Alders Farm Fishery. The league went down to the final day but the favourites Drennan Rushden were victorious in the end, closely followed by Got Red, Marukyu Baits and Colmic. The winners Matt Grant, Nick Wodding & Steve Potter along with the guys in 2nd & 3rd place, were greeted with this load of Fantastic gifts from Marukyu! 3rd place came down to weight due to the same final league points.

Individuals on the Day

1st Chris Telling, 115lb 04oz, peg 1, Colmic
2nd Trev Price, 113lb 03oz, peg 30, Got Black
3rd Mick Dickens, 104lb 05oz, peg 2, Got Red
4th Nick Wooding, 101lb 08oz, peg 4, Drennan Rushden
5th Hugh Crawford, 91lb 00oz, peg 5, Marukyu Baits
6th Matt Grant, 90lb 01oz, peg 3, Drennan Rushden

Final League

1st – Drennan Rushden – 87 points
Matt Grant, Nick Wodding, Steve Potter

2nd – Got Red – 81 points
Mick Dickens, Ricky Quick, Mark Quick

3rd – Marukyu Baits – 76 points (790lb01)
Hugh Crawford, Simon Japes, Colin Fossy

4th Colmic – 76 Points (668lb10)
Chris Telling, Glen Picton, Liam Dennick

5th – Got Black – 74 points
6th – All Sorts – 52 points
7th – Ollies Boys – 47 points
8th – J L Tackle – 43 points

***A Special thanks to Roy Makins for his fantastic organisation skills***


Cheap Tuesday - Ash

Tue 19 April 2016

Today’s Cheap Tuesday was a lovely match in the sun! Ash was busy so pegs were limited but Sophie had a great idea to do sections as well so it was a fairer match & more payouts !


1st Colin Spencer 153.2 peg 27
2nd Richard Brain 147.1 peg 21
3rd Hugh Crawford 134.15 peg 29
4th Trevor Price 110.4 peg 23


Double Header - Ash & Pines

Sun 03 April 2016

MARUKYU Spring League Rnd 2 on Ash

Top 6

1st Del Smith – 144lb01 – peg 1 – Got Black
2nd Simon Japes – 115lb10 – peg 2 – Marukyu
3rd MADD – 97lb05 – Peg 30 – Allsorts
4th N Wooding – 82lb04 – peg 6 – Drennan Rushden
5th Glen Picton – 73lb06 – peg 4 – Colmic
6th Matt Grant – 59lb15 – peg 3 – Drennan Rushden

League to date

Drennan Rushden 34 points
Got Red 31 points
Ollie Boys 30 points
Colmic 27 points
Marukyu 25 points
Got Black 23 points
Allsorts 22 points
Popletts 10 points

Alders Farm Double header – 2 of 2

Open Match on Pines Lake

Top 6

1st Tim – 105lb09 – peg 10
2nd Richard Farrow – 76lb11 – peg 7
3rd Neil Hutchins – 76lb03 – peg 1
4th Gary Page – 64lb04 – peg 8
5th Warren Downie – 63lb12 – peg 15
6th Pete Goode – 58lb07 – peg 16

Matchman upto date

Jim Stubbings 50pts
Neil Hutchins 48pts
Madd 48pts
Hugh Crawford 44pts
Terry Lancaster 42pts
Derek Smith 40pts
Pete Archer 36pts
Simon Japes 38pts
Warren Downie 32pts
Nick Pringle 24pts
Andre 24pts
Graham West 22pts
Lee Newson 20pts
Gary Thorpe 20pts
Matt Kearns 20pts
Trevor Price 20pts
Ricky Quick 14pts
Roy Makin 12pts
Colin Fosdyke 12pts
Ian Pritt 8pts
Kevin Elliott 0pts


Next Open - Easter Monday - Ash Lake

Mon 28 March 2016

  • Next Opens – Bank Holiday Monday 28th March on Ash Lake. Please contact 01525261713 to book on***


Marukyu Spring League

Sun 20 March 2016

Marukyu Spring league at Alders Farm Fishery kicked off 20 March 16 in the sun. With 24 fishing and the waters still cold it was always going to be a tough one. Matt Grant returned 73b 2oz from Peg 30 whilst Mick Dickens took 2nd spot with just 1 fish the difference down to 5th place.

Top Individual

1st Matt Grant – 73lb02 – peg 30
2nd Mick Dickens – 46lb06 – peg 3
3rd Ronan (pictured) 45lb02 – peg 1
4th Del Smith 44lb00 – peg 2
5th Mark Quick 43lb00 – peg 5

Top Team Results

Drennan Rushden 19pts
Got Red 19pts
Ollies Boys 17pts
Popletts 14pts

Matchman on the Day

Del Smith 20pts
Simon Japes 16pts
Colin Fossdyke 12pts
Ian Pretty 8pts
Hugh Crawford 0points

Matchman League to date

MADD 26 points
Terry Lancaster 24 points
Del Smith 20 points
Hugh Crawford 20 points
Lee Newson 20 points
Simon Japes 20 points
Jim Stubbings 18 points
Graham West 18 points
Warren Downie 16 points
Colin Fossdyke 12 points
Neil Hutchins 12 points
Andre 12 points
Ian Pretty 8 points
Matt Kearns 8 points
Kevin Elliott 0points


Sunday Open - Ash

Sun 06 March 2016

Sunday 6th March, saw the start of the Alders Farm Matchman. After the cold start the sun came out and the fish got there heads down and some good weights were had.

1st Graham West (Preston Blackhorse ) 146lb 2oz Peg 2
2nd Mark Quick (Got Baits ) 63lb 3oz peg 6
3rd Matt Kearns 42lb 2oz Peg 1
4th Terry Lancaster ( Got Baits ) 32lb peg 30

Matchman League Standings

Neil has an early lead by doubling up for the week already, closely followed by Westy with his fantastic win today! The Matchman is for all to join in, so come down and get involved. Next opens this Cheap Tuesday & Next Sunday 13th March on Pines.

Neil Hutchens 12 points
Graham West 10 points
Terry Lancaster 8 points
Jim Stubbins 4 points
Simon Japes 4 points
MADD 0 points
Kevin Elliott 0 Points


Sunday Open - Ash

Sun 21 February 2016

Full house on Ash today! The match saw 12 weights over 50 lb in very Windy Conditions (yet again)

1st Ricky Quick (Got Baits )106lb 13 peg 23 Amino chilli
2nd Glen Picton (Colmic) 68lb 4oz peg 29
3rd Nigel Hargreaves 67lb 12oz Peg 20
4th Richard Brain (Got Baits ) 67lb 10oz peg 7
5th Neil Hutchins 66lb 13oz Peg 4
6th Mark Quick (Got Baits )61lb 6oz peg 30 Amino chilli

***Next open match Feb 28th on Ash lake***

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Text Ricky on 07415117330


Cheap Tuesday

Tue 02 February 2016

Cheap Tuesday Open results, a good few turned out even in the cold driving wind!

  • Lee – peg 30 – 84lb 5oz
  • Richard B – peg 27 – 58lb 2oz
  • Jim S – peg 24 – 56lb1 5oz

Sunday Open - Ash

Sun 17 January 2016

Open on Ash was the coldest this winter so far, with the lake being frozen and snow falling over night, it was going to be tough. Thanks to all those who turned out and thanks for the awesome pics Aidy.

  • 1st – Stuart Theobald peg 3 – 34lb
  • 2nd – Ricky Quick Peg 4 – 24lb 10 (Amino chilli maggot)
  • 3rd – Mark Quick Peg 6 – 21lb 8 (Amino chilli pellet)

We hope to see you at Alders Farm Fishery Soon