Alders Farm Fishery / Match Results 2015

Alders Farm Match Results 2015

Please use the Results Submission Form to send us you match results, you can upload an image from your match along with the top 3 (or more) weights. The inclusion of a short review about the day would be beneficial, remember to include pegs, baits and tactics used by the winners. We'll promise to publish the results as soon as we can.

Christmas Match - Ash

Sun 20 December 2015

Today saw our annual Christmas match. The match saw 24 strong battle it out on Ash lake in some unusually warm weather for this time of year.

Today’s favourite method was Fishery Pellet and maggot soaked in Marukyu Blue Cheese Amino spray. Please see picture of our happy winner with his winning prize also an overhead shot before the match.

Trev Price – Peg 30 – 69lb
Martin Green – Peg 1 – 64lb
Simon Japes – Peg 3 – 54lb
Colin Fossdyke – Peg 3 – 50lb
Ricky Quick – Peg 24 – 48.08lb
George Kay – Peg 28 – 48.03lb

Open Match Dates

Tuesday 22nd December – Ash
Sunday 27th December – Pines
Tuesday 29th December – Ash/Pines
Sunday 4th January 2016 – Ash/Pines

Please Note: We will be closed over the festive period on the following dates

Friday 25th December
Saturday 26th December
Friday 1st January


Hadley Angling & Preservation Society - Ash

Sun 08 November 2015

Sunday’s match on Ash, HAPS were the team (Hadley Angling & Preservation Society)

1st was Tim Ballard. peg 1 80lb 10oz maggot float rod
2nd was Lee Tombs. peg 9 79lb 6oz pellet pole
3rd was Dylan Clulow peg 8 72lb 15oz maggot pole
4th was Mick Mordecai peg 7 70lb 8oz pellet feeder
5th was Chris Jackson peg 14 69lb 9oz maggot pole

One angler managed to take an unexpected dip and loose his glasses but that didn’t dampen his spirits and they all had a great day with many compliments about the Awesome Alders Breakfast “best on the circuit”


Alders Farm Fishery Winter League

Sun 11 October 2015

Sunday 11th October saw round 2 of Alders Farm Fishery Winter League. The lakes had been up & down all week with the warm days and cold nights, the fish didn’t know whether to stay shallow or head out to deeper waters. The draw Gods were with Got Black, with two of their team drawing next to each other on pegs 2&3 of Ash Lake. The match was won on fishery pellet soaked in Marukyu Amino Scopex. Please see results below;

Individual all on Ash

1st Gary Thorpe 161lb14 Peg 3 Got Black
2nd Martin Green 159lb14 Peg 2 Got Black
3rd Greg Picton 146lb02 Peg 25 Colmic
4th Ricky Quick 140lb02 Peg 7 Got Red
5th Del Smith 119lb15 Peg 1 Drennan
6th Tony Taylor 115lb14 Peg 6 BagEm Baits

Teams on the day

Got Black 31
Got Red 25
Colmic 25
Drennan 25
BegEm 24

League Standings

Got Black 54
Colmic 52
Drennan 46
Got Red 45
BagEm 44


Cheap Tuesday Open - Ash

Tue 29 September 2015

Cheap Tuesdays Open had a good turnout on a lovely day with 22 anglers fighting it out with the fish playing hard to get in the midweek sun, the results were…

1st – Martin Green peg 4 123lb 3oz
2nd – Charlie Lancaster peg 2 116lb 5oz
3rd – Trevor Price peg 6 107lb 10oz
4th – Phil Young peg 1 96lb 6oz
5th – Myles peg 28 78lb 6oz

As usual it was all in the margins, and won on pellet, maggots and Marukyu groundbaits. All with their own tricks up their sleeves, including rigs, mixes and smelly additives!


Cheap Tuesday Result - Ash

Tue 22 September 2015

Today’s Cheap Tuesday results… Yes it was cold and wet but that didn’t stop our anglers pulling in some great weights on Ash. No one wants to give away all their secrets, but we know that Trev used fishery pellets, maggots sprayed with Marukyu Chocolate Amino and Marukyu Margin Mix.

1st Trevor Price p2 234.7
2nd Hugh Crawford p6 217.3
3rd Charlie Lancaster p1 164
4th Graham West p27 161.14
5th Nick Pringle p30 151.6

If you use the right bait you catch the fish! #justsayin’!


Sunday Open - Pines

Sun 13 September 2015

Sunday’s open on Pines was won 16m out using Maggot, the fish just didn’t want to come in close today. (19 fished)

1st Graham West 136lb 03 Peg 16
2nd Tony Grigorjevs 122lb 06 Peg 12
3rd Colin Fosdyke 114lb 10 Peg 10
4th Peter Archer 102lb 03 Peg 4
5th Phil Young 93lb 00 Peg 19
6th Richard Brain 91lb 07 Peg 21


Bank Holiday Monday Open - Ash Lake

Mon 31 August 2015

Miserable bank holiday rain doesn’t stop our anglers! Today’s Open on Ash Lake had a good turn out including some new faces who we hope to see back again soon. The fish don’t mind the weather, and good weights all round!

1st Gary Thorpe 267lb 10oz. Peg 6
2nd Vic Nugent 197lb 14oz. Peg 4
3rd Jim Stubbins 168lb 7oz. Peg 5
4th Gary Donachie 167lb 1oz. Peg 24
5th Jamie Read 165lb 5oz. Peg 25


Cheap Tuesday Affordable Open - Ash Lake

Tue 25 August 2015

Yesterday’s open on Ash Lake saw big weights but no one could beat the Quicks! Their secret rigs along with Marukyu ground bait, pellet & maggots a plenty took the top two places!

1st Ricky Quick 279lb 14oz Peg 1
2nd Mark Quick 272lb 13oz Peg 8
3rd Myles Philip 241lb Peg 6
4th Derek 167lb 07oz Peg 4
5th Matt 105lb 05oz Peg 2


Sunday 23rd August Open on Pines

Sun 23 August 2015

1st Del Smith 226-09 Peg 6
2nd Ricky Quick 203-06 Peg 1
3rd Colin Fossdyke 174-08 Peg 3
4th Andy Gregory 152-12 Peg 5
5th Trev Price 135-00 Peg 8
6th Frank Donachie 131-13 Peg 18

Please call 01525261713 or Message us to book into the Next Open.


Cheap Tuesday Open - Pines

Tue 11 August 2015

Today was really tough up on Pines for Cheap Tuesday’s Affordable Open. 17 battled it out with some doing better than others but as the quote says, better than being at work! 2nd to 5th was very close with only a few fish in it.

1st Colin Spencer 160-05 peg 15
2nd Graham West 139-09 peg 31
3rd Hugh Crawford 138-12 peg 20
4th Del Smith 135-08 peg 8
5th Colin Fossdyke 130-01 peg 17
6th Scott Whatmore 86-03 peg 18


Summer League - Final Round

Sun 09 August 2015

Today we saw the last round of our Summer League. It went down to the wire and it took some top angling to make it into the overall Top3. However the GOT Baits team pretty much were on top for the duration of the league.

Thanks to all that attended this fantastic league and we look forward to seeing you all again soon. Here are the results from the day and the overall league;

1st Colin Spencer 271-10 Peg 2
2nd Alan Oaks 238-11 Peg 1
3rd Dan Hardy 229-12 Peg 3
4th Ricky Quick 194-11 Peg 7
5th Nick Darke 179-14 Peg 20
6th Hugh Crawford 173-00 Peg 28

1st Got Baits 93points
2nd Chiltern Black 83points
3rd Drennan 79points
4th Chiltern Red 74points
5th Popletts 70points
6th Pringles 66points
7th Hospital Team 37points

Please see picture of the handsome Trio from Gotbaits!


Cheap Tuesday Affordable Open

Tue 28 July 2015

Cheap Tuesday Affordable Open Results, great weights, the winner Trevor Price fished Peg using a combination of maggot and Marukyu Method Mix ground bait with pellets fed in as well.

1 Trevor Price peg 15 295lb 9oz
2 Pete Archer peg 18 200lb 11oz
3 Keith Ashby peg 21 160lb 2oz
4 Terry Lancaster peg 12 140lb 5oz

Pete’s son Sebastian Archer was spectating till his dad finished, when he got a go with his newly learned skills – here he is with one of his many catches


Alders Summer League Round 4

Sun 26 July 2015

What is it with wet and grey Sundays this Summer? However a very close match was had in the Alders Summer league round 4. Here are the results on the day;

Top six individual

1st Andy Gregory 274lb 14 – peg 5
2nd Del Smith 260lb 02 – peg 1
3rd Dan Hardy 237lb 11- peg 28
4th Colin Spencer 234lb 02 – peg 8
(1 net was knocked back to 50lb for being over the 100lb weight limit :-(
5th Hugh Crawford 223lb 11 – Peg 29
6th Ricky Quick 199lb 01 – Peg 4

Team points on the day

Drennan 17
Pringles 15
Chiltern Red 13
Poplets 13
Got Baits 12
Chiltern Black 11
Hospital 3

League standings 4 out of 6

Got Baits 65
Chiltern Black 55
Drennan 55
Poplets 50
Chiltern Red 47
Pringles 41
Hospital 24


Cheap Tuesday's Affordable Open

Tue 14 July 2015

1st Colin Spencer, p8, 313lb11oz
2nd Charlie Lancaster, p27, 249lb8oz
3rd Trevor Price, p6, 235lb
4th Nigel Hargreaves, p29, 217lb2oz
5th Henry Williams, p30, 200lb14oz

It was a horrible drizzly start to the morning but the fish obviously liked it!

Colin’s added his name to an Alders Lake Peg he’s sponsored, there are still a few left if you want your name where you love to be. Contact us for more details, or ….

Click here for more Details


Cheap Tuesday - Ash Lake

Tue 30 June 2015

Trevor Price had another magnificent result down on Ash lake (peg 4) using his favourite Focus Margin Mix and Unami maggot he recorded the top weight of the year to date weighing in 366lb ahead of Terry Lancaster (peg 8) who used identical tactics returning a fantastic 261lb, Richard Brain (peg 29) filled the podium with 217lb

1st Trev Price (peg 4) 366lb
2nd Terry Lancaster (peg 8) 261lb
3rd Richard Brain (peg 29) 217lb
4th Mad (peg 26) 177lb
5th Ian Meadows (peg 30) 110lb
6th Paul Higgins (peg 27) 108lb

Next Opens are Tuesday 7th and Sunday 12th July, contact us for more details and bookings, look forward to seeing you there!


Sunday Open - Pines

Sun 28 June 2015

It was a shame it rained for most of today’s open match on Pines lake but it didn’t dampen spirits and a great day’s fishing was had by all who took part. Nick Darke claimed first place fishing maggot and fishery pellet.

1st – Nick Darke 233lb 4oz, peg 15
2nd – Colin Fosdyke 204lb 5oz, peg 6
3rd – Matt Grant 190lb 14oz, peg 10
4th – Jim Stubbins 181lb 1oz, peg 1
5th – Trevor Price 167lb 11oz, peg 17
6th – Richard Brain 159lb 10oz, peg 8


Cheap Tuesday Affordable Open

Tue 23 June 2015

Fun at the Cheap Tuesday Affordable Open today, and big weights landed! Colin won it on GOT Baits paste including plenty of groundbait.

1 – Colin Spencer, peg 4, 294lb 1oz
2 – Charlie Lancaster, peg 8, 265lb 14oz
3 – Ernie, peg 2, 210lb 2oz
4 – Ade, peg 5, 194lb 7oz
5 – Terry Lancaster, peg 6, 157lb 15oz


Summer League Round 1 on Ash Lake

Sun 21 June 2015

The lake fished well although the fish have spent the past few days spawning. Colin managed to clinch the overall win, on the pole close in using a mixture of GOT Baits products. The results as follows;

Top Individuals

1st Colin Spencer 175lb peg 38
2nd Charlie Lancaster 173lb-12oz peg 10
3rd Mick Dickenson 172lb – 09oz peg 30
4th Ricky Quick 159lb – 12oz peg 5
5th Richard Brain 150lb
6t Alan Oaks 148lb – 14oz

Top Teams after Round 1

Chiltern Black 18points
Got Baits 17points
Drennan 17points
Poplets 12 points
Chiltern Red 8 points
Pringles 6 points


Alders Farm Sunday Open - Ash

Sun 14 June 2015

A difficult match on Ash lake today won by a happy Fozzy
from peg 3.

1st Colin Fosdyke 150lb 0oz peg 3
2nd Richard Brain 145lb 15oz peg 24
3rd Mick Dickens 142lb 11oz peg 10
4th Paul Oldroyd 136lb 13oz peg 25
5th Hugh Crawford 113lb 2oz peg 22
6th Terry Lancaster 104lb 8oz peg 30


Duane Seckington Memorial Match

Sat 06 June 2015


Result Report by Dave Knight

Seventeen anglers turned up to help raise cash for leukemia research at Alders Farm Fishery. On arrival we were all greeted with a hearty welcome from fishery owners Lewis and Charlotte Monk and their family. Breakfast was top drawer as usual. As we sat around all the fish were “crashing” in the edges and a few of us thought it would be really hard fishing as they had started to spawn. With the draw done we all went about our match the best we could.

Personally I didn`t get into a routine all day and paid the price only catching 25 fish for 53-2 and nowhere. To the surprise of a few the lake actually fished really well and a total of 1,945 lb of fish were weighed in by the 15 anglers that didn’t tip back.

Results as follows

1st Mick Dickens 231 lb 14 peg 4
2nd Josh Blavins 227 -2 peg 1
3rd Colin Fosdyke 189- 2 peg 26
4th Ricky Quick 181lb peg 12
5th Terry Lancaster 159-4 peg 25
6th Mark Quick 156-15 peg 24

I have a few people to thank for today but by far the biggest is for my friend ADY HORNBY. He carries my kit everywhere. Co-organises these events and still weighs everyone in.

Thank you to all the crew at Alders Farm Fishery. The hospitality there is second to none. To all those that took time out to fish this event.

Thank you to friends that donated raffle prizes and bought tickets.

Trevor Price and G.O.T Baits
Roy Marlow and Marukyu
Mick Wilkinson and MW Floats
Mick Robinson and Gerrys of Morecambe


Spring League Final

Sun 31 May 2015

Sunday’s Spring League Finale was a tough match, the weather didn’t help with it starting raining then staying grey with flat light all day. That didn’t stop these experienced teams still managing respectable weights!

1 – Fozzy 155.1
2 – Mick Dickens 150.05
3 – Terry Lancaster 115.7
4 – Ricky Quick 111.13
5 – Derek Smith 110.13

Spring League Final Scores

1 – Chiltern Baits 134
2 – Rushden 120
3 – Poppets Green 105
4 – GOT Baits 96
5 – How End 81
6 – Bulk Fishing 81
7 – Drennan 73
8 – Poppets Green 68


Kings Arms - Pines

Mon 18 May 2015

Kings Arms Match on Pines had the following results, lovely weather for it!

1 – Ed Blain peg 16 166lb
2 – Steve Carthy peg 18 84lb
3 – Robin Schofield peg 4 76lb 12oz
4 – Dave Evans peg 18 65lb 15oz
5 – Robert Young peg 20 51lb 04oz


Alders Spring League - Ash

Sun 17 May 2015

Spring League today on Ash, Ricky Quick got peg 1 (again!) and made the most of it. The fish were definitely in the shallows today, plenty of maggots and pellets gets them every time.

1 – Ricky Quick 205lb 4oz
2 – Colin Fozzy 173lb 7oz
3 – Derek Smith 160lb
4 – A Oaks 153lb 15oz
5 – Mick Dickens 149lb 01oz

The league now stands at:

1 – Chiltern Baits 97
2 – Rushden 85
3 – Poplets Green 80


May Day Open - Ash Lake

Mon 04 May 2015

1st Gary Thorpe – peg 8 – 198lb
2nd Colin Fose – peg 3 – 190lb 5oz
3rd Ricky Quick – peg 1 – 180lb 2oz
4th Nick Rowe – peg 30 – 128lb 3oz
5th Josh Blavins – peg 12 – 125lb


Alders Spring League - Ash Lake

Sun 03 May 2015


1st Nick Darke – 169lb 9oz
2nd Brian Mason – 163lb 17oz
3rd M Dickens – 163lb 11oz
4th Colin Fozzy – 123lb 4oz
5th Ricky Quick – 113lb 12oz

League Positions (Top 3):

1 Chiltern 74 points
2 Rushden 73 points
3 Poplars Green 71 points
It’s all still to play for!


Cheap Tuesday Affordable Open - Pines

Tue 28 April 2015

Won on Pellet & Maggot close in.

1st Trev Price 174lb – peg 18
2nd Terry Lancaster 147lb feeder – peg 6
3rd Gary Webster 96lb – peg 1
4th Phil Young 92lb – peg 20


Cheap Tuesday Affordable Open

Tue 21 April 2015

Cheap Tuesday’s Affordable Open on Ash Lake.

1st Trevor Price -162lb-08 peg 21
2nd Ernie Waterfall -138lb-07 peg 1
3rd Colin Spencer – 108lb-08 peg 10
4th Keith Ashby – 95lb-14 peg 18
5th Phil Young – 86lb-08 peg 6
6th Charlie Lancaster -78lb-02 peg 2


Spring League Rnd 3 - Ash Lake

Sun 19 April 2015

It wasn’t as sunny as we’d hoped but the rain stayed off and it warmed up in the afternoon. A bit of wind kept everyone on their toes and it was a good match – maggots, pellet & corn with plenty of ground bait were the preferred methods.

1st Fozzy 119.3
2nd M Grant 112.05
3rd D Hardy 106.6
4th M Dickens 90.9
5th Alan 90.7

This leaves the league looking like this:

Popplets Green 55
Rushden 54
Chiltern B 51


Vauxhall Match Group - Spring league Rnd 5

Sun 19 April 2015

Vauxhall Match Group – Spring league round 5 results on Pines Lake

1st Brian Ritchie 101 lb 4oz – peg 1
2nd John clenet 90 lb 7 oz -Peg 4
3rd Tex 84lb 10 oz – peg 16
4th Jimmy Rodgers 77 lb – peg21
5th Gary Page 59lb 4oz peg12


Sunday's Round 2 Spring League on Ash

Tue 14 April 2015

1st A Oaks (POP) peg30 201.9
2nd Matt Grant (Rushden) peg1 139.04
3rd Nick Darke (POP) peg 23 131
4th S Potter (Rushden) peg10 125
5th M Philip (GOT Baits) peg29 122.04

Top 3 in the league at the moment:

1st POP Green
2nd Rushden
3rd Chiltern


Cheap Tuesday Open

Tue 14 April 2015

From a cold start it turned into a spring scorcher and the 200lb mark was broken for the first time this year on Pines. Smiles all round at the end of the day.

1st Colin Spencer 229lb
2nd Keith Ashby 124lb
3rd Rich Brain 109lb


Sunday Open Pines

Sun 12 April 2015

1st Tex Marshall 145lb
2nd Neil 140lb
3rd Jim Mcann 135lb
4th George Kay 126lb
5th Trev Price 124lb


Cheap Tuesdays Affordable Open

Tue 07 April 2015

A gloriouros Sunny day saw the return of some old faces back to Alders Farm Fishery. Colin being one of them fished a small maggot feeder early on at distance towards the Island. With the weather warming up the fish were soon in the margins and a switch to the pole was the choice for the remainder of the match for most. A mixture of paste(s), groundbait and maggot on the hook seemed to dominate the top weights.

Here are today’s Cheap Tuesday Affordable Open on Ash Results -

1st Colin Spencer – peg 5 – 218lb
2nd. Keith Ashby – peg 21 – 171lb
3rd Trev Price – peg 17 – 151lb
4th Richard Brain – peg 7 – 141lb
5th Shaun Weed – peg 3 – 131lb


Sunday Vauxhall Spring League Rnd4

Sun 05 April 2015

1st George Kay Peg 31 113lb3oz
2nd B Wood Peg 15 96lb8oz
3rd N Hutchins Peg 17 90lb14oz
4th G Page Peg 6 85lb11oz


Saturday Open - Pines

Sat 04 April 2015

1st Nick D Peg 18 106lb
2nd Simon Jones Peg 6 105lb
3rd Ricky Quick Peg 17 97lb
4th Fossie Peg 4 94.6lb


Friday Open - Ash

Fri 03 April 2015

1st Colin Fossie Peg 1 111lb
2nd Stan Chapman Peg 4 105lb
3rd Dave Howe Peg 26 90lb
4th Trev Price peg 30 87lb


Vauxhall Spring League Round 3

Sun 29 March 2015

It was a very windy day, so Pines Lake’s tree surround provided some shelter but not all day as a large falling tree shook up the anglers closest to it! Everyone was fine and most anglers had some great weights fishing feeder and Alders Pellet with maggot hook baits.

1st George Kay 132 lb12oz peg20
2nd John Clennet 98lb 10oz peg16
3rd Brian Wood 84lb 9oz peg21
4th Tony Kay 76lb13oz peg29


Alders Farm Spring League - Round 1

Sun 29 March 2015

Most anglers started on the Pole but as the wind got up this soon became impossible, with nearly all anglers switching to feeder with Alders Pellet over Maggot hookbaits. The winner Steve Tyler did exactly that with 84lb 9oz from Peg 4 to pip Derek Smith next door on Peg 5 with 77lb 1oz.

Top 5

1st Steve Tyler 84.9 peg4
2nd Derek Smith 77.1 peg5
3rd Ricky Quick 68.14 peg22
4th C Summer 62.12 peg2
5th A Oak 62.8 peg3


Alders Cheap Tuesday Open Match

Tue 24 March 2015

The rain held off today’s Cheap Tuesday’s Open match on Ash Lake. Charlie fished the feeder early on in the match and moved onto the pole pole with double maggot on the hook to take the victory.

Charlie Lancaster 125lb 12oz peg 6
Vic Nugent 110lb 3oz peg 8
Trevor Price 98lb 14oz peg 1
Neil 94lb12oz peg 3
Derrick Smith 85lb 13oz peg 4


Alders Open Match

Mon 23 March 2015

Lovely sunny open match today, Got Bait Gel it on the pellet and double maggot on the hook were the favoured baits, Richard fished close in, as the fish moved up into the shallows in the sunshine.

1st – Richard B, peg 1, 131lb 7oz
3rd – Tex, peg 19, 87lb
4th – Matt, peg 9, 86lb 15oz
5th – Steve P, Peg 3, 84lb 4oz


Vauxhall Match Group Spring League Rnd 2

Sun 15 March 2015


1st George Kay 91lb 10 -peg 10
2nd Gary Page 81lb 15 -peg 29
3 Brian Wood 81lb 3 -peg 8
4 Peter Goode 66lb 6 -peg 4
5 John Clenet 61 lb 6 -peg 19


Cheap Tuesday's Match Results

Tue 10 March 2015

Charlie Lancaster 126lb – peg 7
Lee Newson 113lb 14oz – peg 1
Neil Hargreaves 113lb 6oz – peg 4
Trev Price 103lb 6oz – Peg 21


Sunday Open

Sun 08 March 2015

The first Sunday open since all the work has been done saw a sell out match. The talk at the draw was 70lb would be a good weight to win nothing could be further from her truth as the top 6 all had over a 100lb

Matt grant led the field with a stunning catch on maggot and pellet down the edge. In second place, Quicky Rick fished pellet at 8m to land 139lb. The next 4 places were decided by just 1 fish

Matt Grant 189lb 6oz
Quicky Rick 139lb
Nick Wooding 103lb 8oz
Mark Quick 103lb 3oz
Trev Price 103lb
Colin Fosdick 102lb


Ash Lake

Sun 08 February 2015

Ash Lake. (16 Fished) Winner: Phil Wintle (Sensas Milton Keynes) 39-10oz. Phil took 15 carp fishing long pole and maggot from Peg 5. In 2nd place was Richard Brain (GOT Baits) 38-3-0.


Open on Pines Lake

Sun 25 January 2015

Sunday Open on Pines Lake, Nick won it using a long pole with pellet and corn. Thanks to all the anglers for being patient with us working noisily down on Ash Lake, see you all again soon.

Nick Darke 96lb10
Tony Kaye 59lb14
Martin 44lb9
Ian Pretty 44lb5
Heydn Edwins 44lb


18th Jan - Match Summary

Sun 18 January 2015

Snow and Ice cleared for the weekends series of matches, weights remained good considering the sharp dip in temperatures during the week.

Open Match – Pines Lake

Lee Newson – 92lbs 09oz
Paul Oldroyd – 89lbs 04oz
Graham West – 82lbs 06oz

Kings Arms Angling Club – Oak Lake

Ed Blain – 55lb
Roger Adams – 11lb 6oz
Mark Gilbert – 10lb

Sun Vauxhall Match Group -Rd 5 – Ash Lake

Tex Marshall 57lbs 8oz
John Clenett 53lbs 4oz
Tony Taylor 46lbs 6oz


Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifiers

Sun 11 January 2015

38 Fished the Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifier this Sunday on Pines and Ash lakes.

Lee Cox (Rushden AC) took a match winning total of 146-14-0 of small Carp to 4 lb. Lee fished pellet feeder to the island then reverted to pole & maggot from Ash Peg 23.


Dan Hardy (Finedon) 138-10-0
Nick Darke (GOT Baits) 102-0-0
Gary Thorpe (Chiltern GOT Baits) 100-7-0
Josh Blavins (GOT Baits) 98-6-0


Tuesday affordable Ash Lake

Tue 06 January 2015

1st Hugh Crawford 111lb peg 27
2nd Graham West 89lb peg 38
3rd Charlie Lancaster 84lb peg 32
4th Terry Lancaster 82lb peg 5

Report from Winner Hugh Crawford

Fished peg 26…. Started on the tip & had a few in the first hour. Caught steady on the pole at 13 & 14m for the rest of the match. Caught on maggot & 4mm expander. Feed micro’s.

Report from Runner Up Graham West:

It was really clear , so I fed micros and 4 mm pellets at 11 metres off of the point of the fallen tree to my left , I caught odd fish there on and off all day , but there wasn’t many there , until the last half hour , with all of my fish on that line being caught on 6 mm expanders .Then I fed maggots and green fishmeal gb ( loose) at 14 metres . That’s where I caught most of my fish . Mainly on double red maggot as hookbait . . I did chuck a pellet feeder at the start about 3ft off the cafe wall and had 5 in 5 chucks !


Vauxhall Match Groups Winter League

Sun 04 January 2015

Pines lake at Alders Farm Fishery. With overcast and grey conditions the fishing was anything but as dull as the weather on Pines today at Alders Farm. Winner Gary Page took a mixed bag (mostly small Bream) in his winning catch of 75b 7oz.

Gary Page 75lb 7oz
George Kay 72lb 14oz
Tex marshall 71lb 2oz
Jimmy Rodgers 58lb 8oz
Ian Simner 57lb 3oz
Tony Kay 56lb 12oz


Open Match

Sun 21 December 2014

30 Anglers Fished the Sunday Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifier at Alders Farm Fishery. The match was hosted on Pines and Ash lakes.

Winner, Richard Brain (GOT Baits) took 165-6-0 of small Carp to 6lb fishing pellet in the margins / next to the small bush on peg 38 (Ash)

Richard Brain (GOT Baits) 165-6-0
Martin Greene (Daiwa Old Ghost) 129-7-0
Trevor Price (Chiltern GOT Baits) 91-11-0
Barry Smith (GOT Baits) 85-13-0


Alders Farm Winter League

Sun 14 December 2014

Final Round of the Alders Farm Winter League on Pines and Ash lakes. Winner Nick Wooding (Rushden) took 133-9-0 of carp to 6 lb, Nick fished pellet and feedered boilie from the flyer Peg 4 on Ash lake.

Nick Wooding (Rushden) took 133-9-0
Martin Greene (Daiwa Old Ghost) 95-11-0
Mick McMillan (GOT Baits Red) 86-14-0
Ricky Quick (Chiltern MG) 86-6-0
Lee Cox (Rushden) 81-12-0

Top 3 Teams:

Rushden 36
GOT Baits Black 26
Chiltern MG 22

Final League:

GOT Baits Black 187
Rushden 140
GOT Baits Red 134
Chiltern MG 127


Alders Farm Winter League

Sun 07 December 2014

Winner Richard Brain (Bulk Fishing Baits BFB) took 113-0-0 of carp to 4 lb, pellet at 14m from Ash peg 2 for a win and valuable Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year Qualifier Points.

Richard Brain (BFB) 113-0-0
Chris Cox (Rushden) 97-7-0;
Martin Greene (Daiwa Old Ghost) 90-8-0;
Tony Kay (Vauxhall AC) 79-10-0;
Steve Potter (Rushden) 79-1-0.


Vauxhall AC 27;
GOT Baits Black 25;
Muggers 25;
Rushden 25.


GOT Baits Black 161;
GOT Baits Red 116;
Vauxhall AC 105;
Rushden 104.


Alders Farm Winter League

Sun 30 November 2014

Pines and Ash lakes. Martin Greene (Daiwa OG) 163-9-0, carp to 6 lb, waggler and maggot, pellet long, Ash peg 32;

George Kay (Vauxhall AC) 148-15-0;
Colin Spencer (All Sorts) 137-3-0;
Mick Pringle (Round

We hope to see you at Alders Farm Fishery Soon