Alders Farm Fishery / Ash Lake (Match)

Alders Farm Match Lake - Ash

A sh lake. What can be said about this lake that has not already been said, it has 30 generous pegs, where you can fish so many methods and catch hard fighting carp.

January 2015 saw the first of the big works started since the new ownership in October 2014. The lake was partially drained, all the bad mouthed and too small carp removed, along with all the years old snags that the fish know too well!

All the pegs have been replaced for new, safer, sturdier ones that will stand the test of time. This ensures that Ash Lake remains one of the finest match lakes in the UK.

With club and open matches being popular on this lake you know it’s a lake to come and fish if you love hard fighting carp.

Summer bagging weights will be pushing 300lb and winter pushing 200lb, all consisting of 2-8lb carp. Matches can be won on Pellet, Paste, Corn or Maggot, indeed the winning pegs are as varied as the winning baits, making Alders Farm Ash Lake a popular venue in the Open Match scene around Milton Keynes and the South of England.

Pole, waggler or feeder tactics, depending on conditions, can all figure during the 5 hour match period, although those pegs on the popular islands seem to get a little more feeder action than others.


Ash - Gallery

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