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Stock Welfare - The Future Alders Farm

Wed 14 January 2015

As detailed in this weeks angling press, as new owners of this fantastic fishery we are devoted to making it the best for all anglers and the quality of the fish impeccable.

At Alders Farm the water is flowing and the quality is so good that the fish spawn at least once a year. Over the years these fish have been left to multiply without management. As a result the fish are now over populated and lack enough natural food to support them all.

We are in the process now of correcting this by netting the lakes to bring stock levels down. Yes this will drop the overall match weights but this is also a good thing as most find it very hard and tiring work pulling out over 500lbs of fish in 6 keep nets!

This hopefully will attract more people to Alders Farm with an average weight of 150/200lbs being achieved rather than 300/400lb being the norm. We also have fish that have been caught many times with bad mouths and we plan to rest these and use them for breeding in our smaller pools.

We will hopefully end up with 3 clearly distinguished lakes, Ash – Match Carp fishing, Oak – Specimen fishing and Pines – Carp & Silver mix (Tench, Perch, Bream, Rudd and Barbel). We understand that some of this may cause some controversy but we have taken some very sound advice and have listened to the anglers and we are confident we are making the correct decision for the angler, the fish and the fishery.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Alders Farm Fishery.


Team Alders.