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Alders Farm Matchman 2016

Wed 09 March 2016

Alders Farm Matchman 2016

How it works…

All matches, including the Spring, Summer and Winter leagues will be considered eligible as entry matches.

It will be based on a points basis which are to be accumulated over a period of months. Each match has a £2 additional fee which will go into the prize pot. You can fish as many matches you wish on at Alders in a week but you can only have 2 that count towards the Matchman, so total £4. If you are unable to attend more than one match or you would prefer to double up on a match, then this is possible. This can be done on one match £4 where your points will count double or you may choose two matches at £2 per match.

If we have no Saturday or Sunday matches we will try to put in a twighlight match on that week as well as our Tuesday open, to give anglers at least two matches per week this will be done where possible.

An angler will be able to spend up to £4 per week on entry and choose the match or matches they enter.

Points £2 per entry


Points will double up on £4 per entry


The Matchman will run for Approx 6 Months and 100% of money will be paid out

The top angler at the end of the league will receive up to £100 for winning the league and will have the choice of which lake and which pegs will be used in the final.

The top 15 Anglers in the league will form the finalists

Example pay out:

If there was £2100 pound in the prize pot, the league winner would receive £100 and the final payout would be as follows ;

1st £800
2nd £600
3rd £400
4th £200

Points Table and prize money table will be published after each match in the shop/pump house at Alders and via social media. In the case of any objections or complaints the organisers decision will be final.

The Spring, Summer and Winter leagues will be considered eligible as entry matches.

Teams that place anglers will organise between themselves if they wish to continue placing anglers in preferred sections.

The Matchman will start Sunday 6th March and will continue there after.
Everyone can take part and being over 6 months there will be more than enough opportunities to qualify for the final.

Any questions please contact us or call 01525 261713